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Exedra Pocket Door System

• patented cam movement with assisted door insertion and extraction
• buffered soft-close return
• mounting with clips to facilitate extraction of the mechanism in case of maintenance
• quick coupling hinges
• front adjustments on the hinge coupling column
• 30kg maximum weight per door evenly distributed
• door thickness 18-30mm
• door width 400-900mm
• door height 1550-2500mm
• door height 1303-1545mm also available subject to technical clarification from manufacturer. Please note that the protrusion value will be higher than the normal calculation
• door vertical adjustment +4/-1mm
• door horizontal adjsutment ±2mm
• door front adjustment ±4mm
• made to order

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Product Specs

Code Item
VE55AAS2500NN pocket door system LH
VE55AAD2500NN pocket door system RH
YE55KIT0201 front cover kit grey
YE55KIT0202 front cover kit black
YE55KIT0002 side panel connector kit
DP38XX91/39XXG magnetic barrel and adjuster catch

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