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Product Specs

Code Length Projection Finishes
J-0600-GA 12mm 25mm Aged Gold
J-0600-AB 12mm 25mm Aged Bronze
J-0600-OS 12mm 25mm Old Silver
J-0600-BK 12mm 25mm Black
J-0601-GA 18mm 31mm Aged Gold
J-0601-AB 18mm 31mm Aged Bronze
J-0601-OS 18mm 31mm Old Silver
J-0601-BK 18mm 31mm Black
J-0603-GA 23mm 37mm Aged Gold
J-0603-AB 23mm 37mm Aged Bronze
J-0603-OS 23mm 37mm Old Silver
J-0603-BK 23mm 37mm Black

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