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Country Natural Bronze

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Product Specs

Code Length Diameter Projection Centres
C62-35NB 35mm 33mm 90mm
C63-40NB 40mm 32mm 96mm
C63-45NB 45mm 45mm 128mm
C65-88NB 115mm 30mm 160mm
C70-96NB 122mm 33mm 305mm
C71-128NB 154mm 33mm 457mm
C71-160NB 186mm 33mm 600mm
C72-305NB 331mm 40mm
C73-457NB 483mm 48mm
C74-600NB 655mm 80mm
BHT-40NB round 40mm 4mm
BHR-70NB diamond 70mm 4mm
BHQ-40NB square 40mm 4mm
BHRE-70-35NB rectangle 70mm 4mm

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